In 2004, a survey conducted by Harris Interactive revealed that 69% of American adults believe that religious differences are the biggest roadblock to attaining world peace. While virtually all true believers claim that their God embodies love and goodness, it often seems as though the world’s major religions disagree on most important issues. This is a myth, as the numerous Universal Truths commonly held within all major world religions will testify.

Common Values Bind us All

The 33 commonly held teachings of His major world religions, which have the power to break down barriers, bring us all together. By focusing on commonality rather than our differences, we can transcend the ill-conceived hatred, rabid ignorance, and greed that have caused so much of our past destruction.

Ancient Wisdom, Eternal Truth

It's only natural... that God would give to us simple universal principles for living life, which if followed, would lead to peace, fulfillment, and joy.

It's only natural... that these laws could be found commonly held within the sacred texts of the world's religions.

It's only natural... that a simple philosophy of love holds these principles together.

It's only natural... that we should embrace these truths and enjoy their supreme, eternal benefits.

Your True Divind Identity

All world religions affirm that you are a divine son or daughter of God, with unlimited potential.

The Meaning and Purpose of Life

The sacred texts of our world religions hold the keys to understanding why we exist, and how to achieve a successful and fulfilling life.  The keys are clearly evident within the 33 Principles.

We Have the Power to Obtain World Peace

Given that all we share, established within this book, is far grander than what we don't, if enough people embrace these timeless truths, world peace could be established on earth.

Love Creates Joyous Living

In our heart and soul we know that love is of utmost importance to God, and an inherent part of our divine nature.  Discover how love ties together all 33 Principles that God has given to us.

Forgiveness is Golden

Forgiveness is the greatest need of our time, as it is an essential prerequisite to our love.  Discover how to more easily forgive all who have wronged you.

... and much more!

Whether you're a new or seasoned spiritual seeker, churchgoer, world-peace advocate, or religious scholar, this exquisite collection of spiritual teachings will inspire you to enjoy a life of greater love, understanding, wisdom, and success.

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